Frequently asked questions about 19 - 25 and Student multi-operator passes and tickets

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Can I have a 19-25 or Student PhotoCard?

If you're between the ages of 19 - 25 inclusive, or a mature student over the age of 25 in full- time higher education you can apply.

For those under 26 simply apply online, it doesn't matter whether you're a student or a worker! You can then top up your card with great value, weekly, monthly or termly bus/rail  travel.

Your card will be valid until the day before your 26th birthday.

For mature students over 25 in full time higher education you need to apply at a bus station travel centre. You will need to take a form or letter from your university or college to prove you are a full-time student. Your card will be valid until the end of the academic year.

How do I apply for a 19-25 or Student PhotoCard?

Aged 19-25: You can apply online or at a Bus Station Travel Centre. You will need a Passport or Driving Licence to prove your age and if applying online you will need to upload a passport style photo of yourself.

Mature Students only: You can only apply at a Bus Station Travel Centre and will need an official document to prove you are in full time education (16 hours or more per week)

If applying at a Travel Centre, the Travel Centre staff will take your photo for you.

What if I have not received my MCard within 5 working days?

If you have not received your MCard within 5 working days of applying online please call MetroLine on 0113 245 7676 and a Customer Service Advisor will assist you.

I have moved out of West Yorkshire, is the 19-25 / Student PhotoCard still valid?

Yes the PhotoCard holder is still entitled to a 19-25 or Student PhotoCard; however, it is only valid for travel within West Yorkshire.