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Get on board with the MCard Mobile App

The quick and easy way to travel in West Yorkshire with your travel tickets bought and stored in your iOS or Android smartphone

The MCard Mobile app is available for both IOS and Android smartphone users. Customers can purchase and store on their smartphones, daily, weekly, and monthly bus only and bus and rail tickets* for travel on any bus or train, anywhere in West Yorkshire - for a quicker, easier and more convenient way to travel. So now you can get all your ticketing needs in one place - no need for a separate MCard. Let worrying about where you left your MCard be a thing of the past. 

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Download the MCard Mobile App from the Google Play Store.

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Tickets available on the MCard Mobile app


Getting started

Download the MCard Mobile app today to your Apple or Android smartphone.

Want to know more? Take a look at our How to Guide video to see how it works.

Benefits of the MCard Mobile App

  • Available for both Android and iOS devices
  • Quick, easy and convenient, available to buy 24/7
  • User friendly screens to browse, purchase and activate tickets
  • Faster boarding, just scan the ticket and go or use as a flash pass
  • No need to top up tickets to a plastic MCard
  • Customers can easily switch between bus and rail
  • Ticket codes for scanning

The existing MCard app for android is still available for loading bus only or bus and train tickets to Pink, Blue and Green MCards.

Things to note

Internet Connection

You don’t need an internet connection to view or scan your tickets, but you do need one for purchasing and activating tickets.  Make sure you stay logged in to MCard Mobile as you can’t sign in without an internet connection. For security purposes, if you have not been connected to the internet for over 5 days your ticket will not work until you refresh it by connecting to the internet.


If you buy an Under 19 or Under 26 or Student ticket, you may be asked by bus drivers to prove your entitlement to use that discounted ticket. There are a number of identity documents that will be accepted:

  • Anyone under 26 years old can show their Under 16, 16-18 or 19-25 or Student PhotoCard, a passport, driver’s licence or NUS card.
  • Full-time mature students must carry their 19-25 or Student Photocard to prove entitlement to use Under 26 or Student tickets.

Travelling with smaller operators 

When boarding smaller operator bus services, the on board ticket scanning machines may not be able to scan your ticket on the app, during these instances please show your app ticket to the driver.