Winter freeze for under 19s and DaySavers on West Yorkshire's Buses

20 December 2019

The costs of countywide bus travel in West Yorkshire for people aged Under 19 will remain frozen at 2019 prices until September 2020.

Additionally, the price of the MCard DaySaver will be frozen. DaySavers are popular with part time workers who enjoy further discounts when they pay for several days in advance. People can load DaySavers, giving them all-day countywide bus travel, onto their Pink MCard. This will mean a saving of up to £1.70 for a day’s travel after other prices rise from Thursday 2 January.

Other MCard products will rise by between two and three percent in line with recent increases in bus and rail fares. This means the cost of countywide bus travel on a Pink MCard will go up by only 50p to £24.50 for a week with monthly products rising by £2 to £92 per month.

The cost of countywide bus and rail travel for Under 26s buying a term-time countywide bus & rail ticket for the Summer Term will notice a rise in price, from £149.70 to £217.70. This is because the period it covers has been extended from eight to 13 weeks to benefit school and college students and apprentices, bringing down the weekly cost of travel from £18.71 to £16.74.

Cllr Kim Groves, Chair of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority Transport Committee and the West Yorkshire Bus Alliance said:

“I am pleased to see by agreeing this price freeze and helping ensure travel remains more affordable for young people, the West Yorkshire Ticketing Company is backing the aims of the Bus Alliance.

“Young people tell us that the cost of journeys can be a barrier to them accessing education, training and jobs so this price freeze will help them take advantage of these opportunities.

“And, keeping the cost of countywide bus travel from a little as £5 a day for MCard holders buying DaySavers on a Pink MCard will also help encourage part time workers to use local bus services, which will help to combat congestion and the pollution it causes.”

Details of all MCard product prices can be found online at

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