Price Drop for Bus Tickets in West Yorkshire

01 September 2022

Amazing news! Bus operators are dropping ticket prices across West Yorkshire. From 4 September, a a day’s unlimited bus travel in West Yorkshire using the MCard DaySaver will be £4.50. This is up to 18% off current prices, which have in any case been frozen since 2019. £2 will be the most anyone will pay for a single bus journey.

These price drops are thanks to the additional public funding about to be awarded by the Department for Transport to West Yorkshire Combined Authority to implement its Bus Strategy Implementation Plan. The bus plan has been agreed by all local bus operators and the Combined Authority. The new lower prices start on Sunday 04 September 2022 and should be in place for 12 months.

Passengers can buy the tickets on the bus (cash, contactless) or through the MCard Mobile phone app. MCard smartcards can be topped up with daily, weekly and monthly MCard tickets on the android MCard phone app and at Bus Station Travel Centres, ticket machines and Payzone stores.

The West Yorkshire Ticketing Company, a joint venture between West Yorkshire’s bus and rail operators and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, is responsible for the MCard range of bus and rail tickets. Company chair, Richard Armitage, said:

“I’m thrilled to be able to tell you there’s £1 off the MCard DaySaver bus ticket. It is such good news! Given everything else that’s happening, the funding and political support for our local buses is very welcome indeed. It’s enabled bus operators in West Yorkshire to work alongside the Combined Authority and the Mayor to agree several price cuts to our multi-operator MCard bus tickets. We look forward to former, current and new customers travelling more on the bus”.

Richard explains further the importance of West Yorkshire residents using their bus services more: “We’re working hard to win more customers back on board. The bus is back in the news for good reason. We can help people avoid sky high petrol prices and parking charges. At the same time, by leaving the car at home, people can choose to help tackle climate change and reduce air pollution from traffic. Our price cuts help people move over to cheaper and greener travel. And for those who haven’t used buses for a long time, they will be surprised at how good the experience can be. We now have apps to plan your journey, realtime systems to track your bus, easy-to-buy ticket apps, smarter, cleaner vehicles and fair fares across all operators”.

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