It's a fare deal for everyone to discover West Yorkshire by bus

14 October 2021

Any bus, anytime, anywhere DaySaver ticket is now the same low price – no matter where you buy your ticket

It’s a great value new fare deal to help everyone discover West Yorkshire by bus – the any bus, anywhere DaySaver ticket bought from the bus driver is down in price to match tickets bought elsewhere.

The news means that prices for MCard tickets bought on the bus using cash or contactless debit or credit payment cards will be reduced to the same low price as those bought in advance of travel.

From now on, customers buying a DaySaver bus ticket will pay just £5.50 on the bus – a saving of £1.20 compared with the old price for tickets bought from bus drivers.

The good news doesn’t stop there, as under 19s will now pay just £2.50 for a MyDay bus ticket bought on and off the bus. Both MyDay and DaySaver tickets provide unlimited all-day travel throughout West Yorkshire on any bus operator’s services* - here’s a summary of the new prices and savings compared with the previous cost of buying a ticket on the bus:


Old Price

New Price from 11/10/2021

DaySaver Bus



MyDay (for Under 19s)



*Excludes special services.

Richard Armitage, Chair of the West Yorkshire Ticketing Company, says: “For several years, our aim has been to encourage MCard customers to buy their tickets in advance and reduce cash taken on the bus to speed up boarding and waiting time to make West Yorkshire’s bus services more reliable".

"Our retail network has been completely modernised over the past six years to make buying tickets off the bus easier, including the ability to top up smartcards at Payzone stores, Travel Centres and Bus Station ticket machines. We’ve also successfully launched apps for Android and Apple smartphones.

“Until now, to incentivise customers to switch to prepaid retail networks, the MCard policy has been to make it cheaper to pre-pay for a ticket away from the bus. However, over the last year or so, our research has shown that some of our customers still prefer to pay in cash.

“They may be uncertain of their travel or ticket requirements, or they may not have a smartcard or smartphone to prepay and upload their tickets.  Here at MCard, we don’t want any customer who doesn’t have a smartphone to have to pay more, and that’s why we’ve now changed our policy to make sure that our tickets are the same price, no matter where or how our customers buy them”.

 “Although public transport usage is returning to pre-Covid levels, we’re also aware that travel patterns have changed, and many customers are still cautious about their travel needs. Day tickets are a great option for accessing the bus and train network across West Yorkshire, whether it’s for education, work or leisure”.

 “We’re still urging customers to plan their travel in advance and try our new MCard Mobile app, which is very easy to use – tickets can be bought on the day using the app and activated just before travelling".

"All DaySaver tickets for both bus only and bus and rail travel, for adults, Under-19s, Families and Groups are now available for purchase on the MCard Mobile app for both Android and Apple smartphones. And, with October half-term coming up and many events and special occasions across West Yorkshire to enjoy over the Autumn and Winter period, right now is a great time to choose the greener option and travel with friends and family on public transport”.


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