Annual Smartcards

01 April 2016

From Monday 2nd November 2015 Annual M-Cards will be available from Bus Station Travel Centres. Annual M-Cards are good value and also save you the trouble of queuing up to renew your card every week or month, and of course you are protected from any fare increase during the year.

If you are renewing an Annual MetroCard please allow at least 7 days so that your new card can be made for you and sent out to you. However if there isn't time to do so, don't worry we will give you a short term card to cover the time it takes to get your new card out to you.

If your Annual MetroCard has some time still to run, it will remain valid but if you want to exchange it for a replacement smart MCard take it to a Bus Station Travel Centre and we will make arrangements with you to order a smart replacement and change over the card.

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