1,000,000 smart journeys every week

01 April 2016

The milestones so far for the project are:


  • Online facility to renew senior ENCTS passes, over 60% are now renewed online.


  • Launch of M-Card brand
  • Young Person's Photo-card becomes a smartcard with the ability to apply online.
  • Scholar's Photo-cards also become smart
  • Travel Plan Network Annual M-Cards are launched
  • Leeds and Bradford Interchange rail station gates now smart enabled


  • Launch of new retail network of Travel Centres and 700 payzone stores to sell smart tickets.
  • New 16-25 Photo-card offering Bus and Rail travel across West Yorkshire with online application.
  • The range of weekly and monthly tickets available from the retail network now includes SchoolPlus, 16-25, Countywide Bus and all the Bus/ Rail zones in the range (1-3,1-4,1-5 and 2-5 zonal tickets).
  • By the end of 2014 sales of M-Card products at payzone stores had reached a total of £1m and over 20% of those sales are on a Sunday.

There is more to come!

That's only the beginning keep watching out for some really exciting developments coming soon, with Huddersfield Rail gates due to be smart soon, the launch of Stored Travel Rights, online transactions, the installation of kiosks for out of hours purchases, pick up posts to pick up purchases made online and the upgrading of rail ticket vending machines.

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